Miguel Iguacen is graphic designer and arts director based in Zaragoza, Spain
Photo: Daniel Salvador

Timeless design & concept

I have worked in various design teams, but founding and directing the Ártico studio in Zaragoza in late 1999 was my first major professional enterprise. In 2003, I became art director of Acys, and since 2004 have been working focusing my activities on cultural and bussines areas for which I design graphics, posters, corporate identity and communication.

Awards 2018

ANUARIA Award in Miscellaneous.
Selection ANUARIA Award for the best brochure.

Awards 2017

IGDEA Award for the best logo of a product or service.
Selection ANUARIA Award for the best poster.

Awards 2016

Nominated SELECTED´16 / STONE & WOOD Award.

Work published

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BASIC LOGOS. Index Book. 2009.
Guía Creativity 2008. 2006. 2005. 2004.
MUTE (JUST PICTOGRAMS). Index Book. 2007.
EXPERIMENTA, Spanish Design guide. 2007. 2006. 2003. 2002.
Joaquín IBARRA, Tribute book. 2006.
Visual nº 94 / nº 100 / nº 103  / nº 119.
LOGOS Made in Spain 04. Index Book.
Ooolé!. “Los diseñadores españoles interpretan la fiesta taurina”. Límite Design. 2002.
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